Dateful Eventlink API

Use URL parameters to link to Dateful Eventlink

The Basics

You can link to Dateful Eventlink without using our form and instead using parameters in the URL. This is handy if you want to programatically include links many times throughout a website. The following features, however, are not available using this method: event description, event URL, add to calendar, recurring dates, and custom image.

Parameter values must be URL encoded. In our documentation, however, we show both unencoded and encoded values for clarity.

These examples show the many ways you can link to Dateful Eventlink.

Parameter iso for ISO 8601

Your development tools probably support this format. XKCD said it best.

Parameter title Great Event

This sets the name of the event at the top of the page. You can also set this using msg instead of title.

Parameter t only 13 2020 at 11am PDT at 9pm EST

Dateful Eventlink will take its best guess handling a range of time formats. Note: this method will always display the event's local time in UTC.

Parameters t, d, and tz

The tz parameter can be the long name of any timezone from the dropdown menu on Dateful.


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