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How to use time zone converter:

  1. When you start the converter displays your current local time and that of another city.
  2. Click on the field with the city, put in a different city, and then press return.

That's it! The time for that city appears in the field near it. There's nothing more to click on or button to push to convert the time. Try changing any of the fields and the other fields will update automatically.


  • Time Zone Converter - convert between major world cities and timezones instantly as you type
  • Eventlink - create a link to share for when your event starts
  • World Clock - up to 20 clocks
  • Time Calculator - adds and subtracts times, dates, and durations
  • iPhone App - purchase the app for $1.99
  • Type "now", "today", and in time calculator anything from "minutes" through "years".
  • Dark mode, see instructions for: iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows.
  • Translated to Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

The Story

In early 2010, I had to schedule several international calls. While scheduling, I'd often want to pick a time that was convenient to the other party. I did a quick Google search for "time zone converter" and found the existing sites had several flaws.

The problems I saw that could be improved:

  • Time input method
    Sites used pop-up menus for time input. Often they had different pop-ups for each component of the time (hour, minute, AM/PM). These are horribly inefficient and simply the wrong way to handle time input.
  • City input method
    Cities were listed with strange prefixes like "U.S.A. - California - San Francisco" which made typing to quickly select a particular city impossible.
  • Page reloading
    To get a result users had to submit a form and wait for a page refresh. This is slow and unnecessary.
  • Too many separate tools
    Sites created different tools for figuring out the current time and converting between existing times, when really these should be one and the same tool.
  • Poorly formatted ads
    Users prefer ads that are clearly marked and formatted cleanly. The existing sites tried to confuse users by making the ads similarly colored to content and mixing them at strange places on the page.
  • Too many ads
    Ads were plastered all over the page occupying every free space available.

This site is my attempt to fix some of these problems.

The site relies on the worldwide collaborative tz database for its timezone information. The records are comprehensive and are sometimes referred to as the Olson database. The database is updated approximately twenty times per year and this site regularly incorporates the most recent version of the database.

I hope the tool is useful and even fun to use. Please let me know if you have any suggestions via the feedback link on the home page.



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