Global Digital Humanities Symposium - Day 1

30 minutes - Speed Networking

10 minutes - Welcome and Opening Remarks

30 minutes – Keynote presentation: Towards Marine Justice: Indigenous Pacific Island Ecologies and the Right to Nature, Olivia Quintanilla

1 Hour – Accessing Diasporic Histories: Values-Driven Digital Projects

- Nos Cambió La Vida/Our Lives Transformed: Stories of Statelessness
- The Citing Slavery Project: Reckoning with the Law of Slavery and Its Legacy

10 minutes – Break

1 Hour – Project Showcase (divided into two 30 minute rounds)

Round 1

– Nos Cambió La Vida/Our Lives Transformed: Stories of Statelessness
– “The Woods” – A Collaborative Augmented Reality Game – Kyoung Lee Swearingen and Scott Swearingen
– Interactive Exploratory Analysis for DH Trends – Manuel Cebral-Loureda
– Multi-dimensional Image Smart System – Unleash the value of images – Tao Chen
– Quanzhou: the maritime trade network centre from 10th to 14th century in the world – Shaojian Li and Hongxia Xu

Round 2

– The Construction of Collective Identities in Social Networks – Alejandro Servin
– Sustainable and Extensible Cultural Heritage Access in Virtual Reality: Experiencing a Renaissance Manuscript – Sabina Zonno
– Digital Film Screening in Remote Areas of Southwest China: A Study Based on Field and Digital Humanities – Zenan Pu and Zitong Zhu
– Black Lives Matter Murals: Slow Looking with the BLM Murals from Downtown Raleigh, NC – Kelsey Virginia Dufresne
– Hazine: For Researchers of the Diverse Islamic Worlds – Heather Hughes, N.A. Mansour, Shabbir Abbas, and Marwa Gadallah

10 minutes – Break

30 minutes – Keynote presentation: Seeing the utan (forest) for the orang (people): a decolonial Indigenous approach to orangutan conservation, June Rubis

30 minutes – Themed Discussion Rooms (Social Time)

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