Introducing: Systematic Search Practice Sets

Informationists at the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library created the “Systematic Search Practice Sets” site as a place to help information professionals bridge the experience gap between systematic search training sessions and engagement in a real live evidence synthesis project. While we all learn “on the job”, it can be challenging to find ways to practice systematic searching in an asynchronous, instant feedback, self-driven format with lower stakes than an active evidence synthesis project. Especially since teams are usually anxiously waiting on search results!

This webinar will start with an overview of search lessons learned over a decade of teaching the U-M “Systematic Reviews for Librarians” workshop, and then introduce participants to the “Systematic Search Practice Sets” open Canvas site.

The link to the “Systematic Search Practice Sets” site will be available on the event page ( immediately prior to the webinar, and will be distributed during the webinar presentation.

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