Global Digital Humanities Symposium - Day 3

30 minutes – Mini Workshops and Social Time

10 minutes – Break

1 hour – Developing Multilingual Foundations for Global Digital Humanities

- Missing the Digital: Infrastructures in India – Maya Dodd
- Building Multilingual Internets – Puthiya Purayil Sneha
- Translating Tech: Urdu Social Media Discourse and the Question of Secularism for Postcolonial Digital Humanities – Max Johnson Dugan and Elliot Montpellier

10 minutes – Break

1 hour, 20 minutes – Transforming Pedagogy and Curriculum: Challenges and Insights

- Humanidades transdisciplinares en la UniverCiudad: el caso del grado en Humanidades Digitales Globales de Mondragon Unibertsitatea – Aitor Zuberogoitia and Beñat Flores
- Defining the Transnational through Anti-colonial Digital Humanities Pedagogy – Ashley Caranto Morford, Kush Patel, and Arun Jacob
- Edición de textos y cuestión idiomática: impresiones de un primer acercamiento a las Humanidades Digitales – María Agustina Ryckeboer
- Cistern: a Database of Geographical Knowledge in the Ottoman World – Merve Tekgürler, Adrien Zakar, Isin Taylan, Umar Patel, Jayna Huang

10 minutes – Break

1 hour – ​Environmental Justice, Indigenous Futures, and Digital Humanities: A Discussion Among Keynote Presenters Hanna Musiol and Olivia Quintanilla

20 minutes - Speed Networking

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