What does it mean to go back to school next year, after a year of remote\hybrid learning, social, economic and political unrest, and in the uncertainty of an ongoing pandemic? Effective teaching in these times demands that educators prioritize the social-emotional needs of their students and build strong relationships, regardless of whether school starts in person, remotely, or somewhere in between. Before students can focus on what they are being asked to learn and do in the classroom, they must feel safe, connected, and emotionally secure.

Join the Northern California Facing History team and prepare for the coming school year as we explore teaching strategies and flexible resources designed to help you begin getting to know your students as individuals and facilitating the process of creating an open, supportive, and reflective classroom community. In addition, we will model classroom routines that teachers can implement from day one to support effective learning and meaningful engagement with contemporary issues and concerns. Together, we will share insights we’ve gained about teaching, learning, and the social context of education during the pandemic, and consider how we want to show up for our students this fall.

This workshop will feature resources from Facing History's Community Matters Guide and Back to School Toolkit. Materials and Resources are designed for middle school and high school level students.

Held online via Zoom

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