1. Experience your joy for one hour and
2. Say Thank you!

(If the time below for your timezone doesn't work for you, you can Fire the Grid anytime in the 27 hour energy window surrounding your time - 12 hours before and 15 hours after)

You can Fire the Grid in whatever way brings you joy. Some prefer to Fire the Grid alone, or with loved ones or by doing fun activities. If we or anyone else does an online guided meditation to follow, we will post the link here.

After you Fire the Grid, let us know how it was for you! You can comment on any of our social media platforms or you can join the Facebook Group Chat here:

We will soon have a global map that you can put yourself on where you can meet others and see how many we are! Coming soon! If you would like to be on the email list to receive news like when that is done and other stuff, send your email address to:

See you on the Grid !

The event starts:
In the event’s local time: